Grow with the Flow

My experience of adversity, both personal and professional, has given me a passion for social justice.  Part of that justice is for every individual to thrive and recognise their own ability to grow, change and create – in their own lives and those around them.

As Socrates said, the secret is to ‘Know Thyself’ and in my experience, few really do.

I’m interested in helping people see their worth; their true, beautiful and wonderful selves.  Story, allegory, symbol and myth are tools that can help us make sense of experience and the imagination is a space where life can be explored, integrated and created. 

Society overlooks, under estimates, misjudges, imprisons and marginalises lots of people – for countless reasons like class, race, religion, ability, gender, sexual preference. This is not only unfair, but detrimental to the flourishing of everyone and everything.  It is ultimately a misuse of power and we can take it back.

Regardless of the soil in which we are planted and the seasons we weather, learning to understand the story of our lives, and rewrite the narrative, can help us ripen in full.

I bang on about this a fair bit.  Everyone has fruit. Do your thing. 

Ripen, sow well, reap your best life.