Grow with the Flow

We are born to grow, blossom and flourish in love. 

Cheesy, but true.

Learning is a sacred endeavour that leads to transformation.

Many believe the sacred is only found in Cathedrals and others, to a time past.  Only in the ‘special’ and the beautiful or only found by ‘spiritual’ or ‘woke’ people. 

But the sacred can be found everywhere. 

God [replace this with goodness, universe, cosmos, Truth, beauty – The Force, if it works for you] speaks all the time, if we know how to listen and how to see, helping us to learn and grow into what we were born to be. It is often hidden, but always there, like pears packaged in tins. 

An ordinary, everyday thing, usually at the back of the kitchen cupboard.  With a tree in every one and everyone.

Unsurprisingly, my life journey has influenced my thought.  Coming from an impoverished background, complete with its associated traumas, I know firsthand how inner reflection and spiritual growth can transform the lives of people and those around them.  My upbringing, time spent inside, and outside, of the Catholic church, leadership in education (both Catholic and secular), Carl Jung, Nature, Richard Rohr, Deepak Chopra, study of Eastern philosophy, Brene Brown, Jean Vanier, Jeremy Kyle (really) have all had an impact on my views, to name only a few.

Interpreting the sacred, through symbols and signs on our journey can lead to Inner transformation.  I believe it serves an evolutionary function – it is the key to a full life and a more fruitful and peaceful world: it is why we are here.

I love learning, writing and finding the sacred revealed in the ordinary.  I hope you find this blog useful.  Please comment if something resonates or reverberates with you – it would really help me.  Ideas and thoughts are continually evolving and together we can make better sense of it all.

A life lived to the full is a sacramental journey.